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Strategy Development
How will you make a difference?

ResultsDriven works with clients to paint a picture of the future possible by taking what is working and innovating in the areas of opportunity to explore new frontiers, and scale or sustain success. This facilitated process results in high impact action steps that go beyond typical strategic plans. Together, ResultsDriven helps clients examine the confluences of race, class and poverty against bold aims for systemic change. Teams are armed with a deeper understanding of how to make a difference and the actions they must take to achieve it.

Cross-Sector Collaboration
Who do you need to help you?

The challenges in urban schools and communities are too big for any one organization to tackle. Yet, siloes remain and collaborations falter long before they make a difference. The most successful social change focused collaborations have two things in common: shared goals and a continuous process for deepening interdependence. ResultsDriven borrows tools from collective impact to help cross-sector collaboratives find common ground, build consensus on a set of goals, engage a broad cross-section of stakeholders and authentically bring community voice to the table. Collaboratives discover new ways of working together and opportunities to leverage new and shared resources.

Capacity Building
What strengths do you have?

ResultsDriven acts as a strengths-finder to help organizations and individuals better match assets to opportunities -- developing skills, increasing competencies and adopting tools to execute new programs, build more effective teams, secure resources and activate critical partners, such as senior management, line staff or Boards of Directors. We coach emerging leaders and provide hands-on support through the change process to employ new ways of working. Capacity is the competitive advantage that will be the differentiator between whether your organization is poised for success.

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